Male vs Female Newfoundland 8 Key Differences


Males typically larger, weighing 130-150 lbs. Females are slightly smaller, 100-120 lbs

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Males may be more assertive, females often gentler. Both are loyal and affectionate.

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Both require regular grooming due to thick coats. Females may shed slightly more.

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Energy Levels

Males tend to be more energetic and playful. Females can be calmer and more reserved

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Both genders are intelligent and trainable. Consistent training is key for both.

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Health Concerns

Both genders prone to certain health issues like hip dysplasia and heart problems.

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Both males and females benefit from early socialization. They are generally friendly with people and other pets

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Life Expectancy

Females tend to live slightly longer, averaging 10-12 years. Males typically live 8-10 years.

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